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The company B-racing Ltd. was established in 2011 to develop and sell cars of kit car type. We are a small family-type company, with love and passion for sports cars. We love originality, we like to be different and we offer the same through our products to our customers.

Our flagship product is the K-1 Attack car. We successfully sell K-1 products to most countries of the world for 8 years. Since 2019 we started to offer a kit in two versions - Street and racing version. We are 100% owner of design laws, it makes our company the only manufacturer and seller of the original K-1 Attack kit for all over the world!


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We supply products of the highest quality for our customers. Our goal is not to compare with domestic companies, we want to compete with the biggest and prosperous companies in the United States, England or Australia.

Ing. Petr Benes, CEO & Founder