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The company B-racing Ltd. was established in 2011 to develop and sell cars of kit car type, such as K-1 Attack. The main focus of the company is to develop its own closed car for sports use whose characteristics are low purchase costs and the main emphasis is on excellent driving characteristics.
We are currently the only company that sells sports roadsters K-1 Attack kit car. More information
The part of the marketing is to present our vehicles in various motorsport competitions. Apart from the Most and the Brno circuits, our car K-1 Attack kit car will be seen at Drag Cup race series. Our goal is to „attack“ the value of the czech national record in the sprint to 1/4 mile.


Ing. Petr Beneš
Tel.: +420 777 638 785
E-mail: Petr@B-racing.cz


B-racing Ltd.
Luženská 2727
269 01 Rakovník, Czech Republic

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