K-1 Attack - roof kit

K-1 Attack hardtop K-1 Attack hardtop K-1 Attack hardtop K-1 Attack hardtop K-1 Attack hardtop K-1 Attack hardtop

Removable hardtop

K-1 Attack hardtop

1. Ceiling part

Ceiling panel is supplied as one whole piece. The arched shape of this piece allows you to get maximum space for the crew in the head for a higher figure. The rapid attachment of care 4 pcs clamping loops that part fastened.

K-1 Attack hardtop

2. Rear wall

Important part of the roof set is the rear wall with integrated rear glass. This wall is equipped by three steel conic nibs, which snaps into the openings in the body. On the inside part of the wall, there are two fasteners which "click" in both head protective roll bar frames.

K-1 Attack hardtop

3. Exterior side

Side panels are mounted on the door through the rubber seal. It is not necessary that the upper door panel contained any preparation. Side panels are fixed to the door of mirrors and locks over the guide rod. The strength of the connection arranges locking screw.

K-1 Attack hardtop

4. Interior side

Together with the exterior, lateral portions enclose the glass and form a whole.

K-1 Attack hardtop

5. Side windows

Side windows are fixed. Each glass has two openings for aeration and contact with the surroundings of the driver. The interior part is controlled blind holes, which influences the intensity of the opening.

6. Installation hardware

The kit includes the handles of the ceiling part, holders, locks, rear glass, rubber seal.

The roof kit can be supplied as a complete laminate panels (points 1-4), or as a set including side windows and mounting hardware. For sporting purposes are replacing glass to Makrolon.

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